iLuv Premium Leather Wallet Case with a Security Zipper & Tight Button Closure, Clean Cut Saffiano Finish, Multiple Card Slots and Extra Zipper Coin/ Cash Pocket for the iPhone 6 Plus & iPhone 6S Plus

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Product Price: $69.99

The Beautifully Selected Premium Saffiano Leather- the leather was picked out to give the most amount of grip and protection for the iPhone inside and for the outside. The beautiful covering of premium leather gives the finishing touch of a fashion wallet and gives off a finesse of class

Extra Pockets and Coin Pouch?- the extra space in the wallets gives enough space to put in unfolded cash and extra coins so hat you don’t even need a separate pouch for coins and cash but just carry them all together. With the extra pockets for both coin and wallet you can go anywhere without a worry.

On the Go!- Just grab your wallet and don’t forget your keys and you are on your way out! Super simply and easy access and you don’t need to bring much out! Take everything thats important on the quick grab and go. Your quick cash and credit card and ALSO the most important Phone!

PREMIUM LEATHER- Why bother getting something that is fake leather and is expensive? With Jstyle Gala, not only is it just a wallet, but it is also an fashion item that was hand picked to have the best quality PREMIUM leather. The leather has a smooth Saffiano finish so that even when you hold onto it, it feels like you are carrying an expensive wallet.
EXTRA PROTECTION- The amazing quality about this iPhone case is that there is an outside zipper that provides extra protection so that the cards in the wallet don’t fall out. Not only does it have safety zippers, but it also has a pocket for coins, hidden cash space (besides the two inside) and an ID window. Even thieves have a hard time stealing because of all the different types of pockets and card slots!
STYLE- Within the two types of beautiful premium leather it even comes with two colors. Black for the classic style and pink for the color pop. Along with the phone case it has a hand strap so that you can place your hands through the loop and not lose or leave it behind anywhere. The wristlet-strap is detachable so you don’t have although we recommend that you leave it.
CONVENIENCE & EFFICIENCY- It gets absolutely tiring to bring a bag to carry all your items separately, but with Jstyle it is VERY convenient in the fact that you only need you Phone and wallet and maybe your keys. When you are on the rush for on the go it would be a lot more helpful to just take your most important necessities. Easy! You just need to take your Jstyle and keys, DONE! Isn’t it absolutely simple & easy?
DESIGN- The amazing part of this product is also for the fact that it has so much applicable space! There are 3 pockets enough to fit unfolded cash, ten credit card slots, one ID window and one pocket with a zipper as a coin pouch! It has every quality that a normal wallet would have but EXTRA! The phone! Your chance of forgetting about where your belongings are is a very small chance! You don’t even have to forget where your things are again.

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